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All Paws Mobile Pet Grooming takes the stress out of grooming and brings all the services of a high quality grooming salon to your door!  
You no longer have to get your pet into the car (sometimes for a long ride if your groomer happens to be in another town), drag them into the grooming salon where they are stuffed into a cage for hours while being surrounded by strange dogs barking.  Can you imagine how overwhelming that must be?   Not to mention how easy it is for a virus or disease to spread from pet to pet, simply by being there!
Our units are squeaky clean and fully self contained.  We provide our own hot water, electricity and air conditioning or heat as needed.  The ONLY thing we need from you is your pet!
We serve Prescott, Prescott Valley, Chino Valley and Dewey so no more long car rides with a dirty dog!!  From the moment we arrive your pet recieves our undivided attention.  We only work with one pet at a time so they NEVER spend a single moment in a cage!  
All Paws Mobile Pet Grooming (928) 445-9494
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